5 Reasons Why Small Towns Near Big Cities are Awesome

5 Reasons Why Small Towns Near Big Cities are Awesome


Here in Pearland, we are in a wonderful location! Situated near one of the largest cities in the country, Houston, has its advantages. Just because we value our quiet spaces does not mean we don’t also appreciate big city life and all it has to offer. Here’s why.


Quiet Community, Big Culture


We are a close-knit community, yet enjoy the incredible number of cultural activities of Houston. We love to spend quiet afternoons on our front porches and in Pearland’s quaint downtown area, yet we appreciate the fact that less than an hour away, illustrious downtown Houston is within reach.


A straight shot north means award-winning restaurants, top notch sporting events, the finest shopping, and museums galore. In additions events such as festivals bring high-profile artists and musicians from around the world to our tiny little enclave.


Friendly, Yet Sophisticated


Living in a small town next to a big city means that many of us appreciate our location. We are the friendliest of folk and will always help a friend in need. And that is coupled with the notion that our little town is not isolated. We are well adept at getting around in the big city and can also help with recommendations on what to do in Houston and the surrounding areas. In fact, some of us have lived in Houston and have come to Pearland for a more slowed-down life. Just ask us, we’re here to help!


We Never Run Out of Things to Do and See


Sure, Pearland has its limitations of attractions, and we like it that way! It keeps things simple. But even though we value our quiet life, we also know that should we long for a bit more adventure, our “big brother Houston” will provide. No matter what we long for, whether it is material treasures like the latest smartphone, tickets to a Rockets basketball game, world-renown art treasures, or the finest dining, it is never far away.


Access to More Career Opportunities


Pearland has all of the hallmarks of small-town living, with our larger lawns, and intimate town center. It is a wonderful place to hang your hat at the end of the day. For the career-minded, it means that residents have access to career opportunities they’d normally only find in a much larger city. There may not be a lot to offer in Pearland itself, but many of our residents commute to Houston every day, where all manner of industries reside. From aerospace to energy, biotechnology and healthcare to digital tech companies, Houston ranks #3 among the U.S. metro areas in Fortune 500 companies.


Living in Pearland is More Affordable


Probably the biggest advantage to living next to a large city is that the cost of living here is much lower compared to Houston. And yet we have access to all of that Houston has to offer, without necessarily having to pay for it! No, we don’t have a penthouse views or city skyline to look at, but let’s face it, even that can be taken for granted eventually! We’d take the green spaces over the concrete jungle any day of the week.


To put it simply, living in Pearland truly gives us the best of both worlds. Come visit us at Pearland RV Resort.