6 Arts & Crafts Perfect for Camping

6 Arts & Crafts Perfect for Camping

In recent years as people have been couped up at home, crafts have made a comeback. Big time. The New York Times even says so. The art of crafting helps to keep us grounded and gives many of us a much-needed sense of control in this crazy world of ours. While most arts and crafts dictate that you have certain material on hand and space to create art, many of these activities are perfectly suited for camping.


Here are 6 arts and crafts you can easily take on the road that will get your creativity flowing.



Rock Painting

This one is a lot of fun for both adult and child. All you need is some water-based paint, paintbrushes, and some rocks you find along the campsite. Just make sure you thoroughly clean the rocks before getting down to some serious rock decorating. Many people who partake in this fun activity place the newly painted rocks back where they found them, with inspiring messages painted on for others to enjoy.


Stick Looms

This also utilizes natural materials from the outdoors by gathering twigs, leaves, bark, and flowers. Just be sure you’re in a place where it’s okay to take them. Many campgrounds and parks strongly deter you from lifting any natural items as it upsets the natural ecosystems. Once you’re safe to gather the items, there are many ways to bind them together to make some fantastic pieces of art. Here is a great guide on how to do it.


Knitting or Crocheting

Many RV nomads and their kids have taken up this amazingly peaceful way to pass the time. Knitting and crocheting ain’t just for old ladies, anymore! It is a skill everyone should have. It’s also a great activity to do sitting around the campfire, or on travel days when you aren’t the one driving the RV. If you are a beginner, a good tip is to seek out the nearest yarn shop and get supplies – most of them offer low-cost or free knitting classes. Or get on YouTube – you’ll find a ton of how-to videos there.



Everyone loves a good tune, and if you have an acoustic guitar, a banjo, or even a ukulele, then make one up on your own. This can be a solo or group endeavor, and it’s a great way to bond with your camping crew around the fire. Get in the zone and before you know it, you’ll have a delightful arrangement of chords, melodies, and lyrics. Who knows? You could be the next TikTok sensation!


Watercolor Painting

Another fun and creative activity everyone can get into that soothes the soul. Grab an easel or clipboard, some paper and watercolors, and go to town. Let your imagination run wild. Or if you need a little inspiration, there are tons of paint-by-number watercolor books for both adults and kids. Make it a group activity on a rainy day. Heck, you can even throw your supplies in your backpack, take them on a hike and stop along the trail to paint a landscape.



The art of beautiful handwriting is a valuable skill just as much as it is a creative outlet. It has been practiced by different cultures and passed down through many a generation. All you need is a pen and a notebook, but a nifty set of calligraphy pens make it all the more fun. One handy tip is to get a flexible book light to attached to your notebook during low-light conditions. You can even make your calligraphy about your trip.