7 Reasons to Check Out an RV Show

With RV vacations and those turning full-time to RV living, it only makes sense to attend an RV show. With the increase in demand, these shows, once a convention only for retirees and those in “the biz,” are now spreading in communities nationwide all throughout the year.

If you’ve never been to one and are interested in the RV lifestyle, what are you waiting for? It’s a great place to get the big picture of the RV lifestyle, talk to fellow RVers as well as experts, and pick their brains for intel. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend an RV show.


Tour Some Really Cool RVs

Deluxe Class C motorhomes, fifth wheels, tent trailers – you name it, it’s here. Familiarize yourself with the all the options and focus on floor plans that would fit well with your lifestyle. If you make it known that you are simply there to window shop (as most people are) then you can browse all day long and not be pressured to buy.


Pick Up Rad Camping Hacks

RV Shows are not solely about RVs, it’s about outdoor living in general. In fact, many RVers start their journey as tent campers. It’s not unusual to find seminars offered throughout the show to improve your outdoor skills, setting up camp, and camp cooking. A multi-faceted event, some shows will even have food booths where you can sample some great outdoor cooking, take a gander at the latest camping equipment, and shop camp-friendly clothing and other gear.


Learn the RV Lingo

30 amp, grey water, FHU – these are all terms you may or may not have heard. But you definitely will at an RV show. Rving comes with a lot of confusing terminology that will make your head spin if you’re not familiar. But once you delve into the RV lifestyle, they will all start to make sense. When touring RVs and especially if you’re in the market for one, seek out staff and ask them for an overview of all of the practical features of an RV, such as outside compartments, waste, and electrical systems.


Play with Outdoor Toys

Vendors usually roll out their best and latest equipment at RV shows. If you love to hike, bike, paddle, and climb, be sure to stop by those booths for the best gear. Check out innovations such as inflatable kayaks, folding bikes, fishing poles, and running gear – all manner of outdoor activities that are synonymous with camping.


Learn from Digital Nomads

More companies than ever are hiring remote workers, and the age of the digital nomad is only just beginning. Become part of the revolution and enjoy the freedom of breaking out of a stuffy office so you can make a living on the road. Remote work is a perfect fit for RVers hoping to extend their camping trips or even making RV life a full-time gig. WiFi-equipped campgrounds and RV resorts are a given nowadays so you can log in from just about anywhere as long as you have a laptop. Most RV shows offer seminars on working from an RV and experts will be on hand to discuss the technology required to stay connected.


Find Great RV Rentals

If you are not in the market for purchasing an RV, the next best thing is renting one. Talk to rental companies like Cruise America or RVShare who regularly attend these shows, and ask if they offer discounts to first-timers. It may just be the little bump you need to delve into the wonderful world of RV living.


Discover Great Camping Spots

By visiting booths and talking with people at the show, you will no doubt have a pretty good list of destination campgrounds to explore after the show has ended. Another option is to check out the exhibitor list, usually posted online before the show, and research campgrounds offering your favorite amenities, such as a pool, playground, dog parks, cabins, and treehouses.