Best Fall Activities for Toddlers

Best Fall Activities for Toddlers

When you’re bringing along your little munchkin on a camping trip, sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to keep them entertained. Long gone are the days of them lying flat on their back sleeping most of the day. Now they are energized, with a world of curiosity that seems to steer them into exploring everything.


Fall is a great time of year to get them outdoors. With the cooler weather comes a myriad of things to do and activities to engage in. Camping is the perfect venue with which to introduce them to another world.


Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

Your toddler is sure to be amazed when their world is transformed by fall foliage. As the leaves flutter to the ground, nature’s color show of yellows, oranges, and reds will delight even the most subdued of toddlers. Even when you’re not camping, if you have trees in your yard to rake, one great activity is making a leaf pile and then supervising your toddler as they jump and play in it. Of course, you as the parent will have to rake it up again, but who says a little extra exercise isn’t a good thing?


Collect Colorful Leaves for Crafting

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of leaves, select a few of the best ones and make an autumn-themed craft with your toddler. Depending on age and interest level, a variety of fun art projects can be had. Consider the following:


  • Make a leaf rubbing using crayons or colored pencils
  • Turn your leaves into decorative stamps
  • Glue the leaves into a scrapbook
  • Make a colorful leaf necklace
  • Draw fun faces on leaves to make a leaf family depicting your own


Do a Toddler Scavenger Hunt

The perfect activity to get you both into the outdoors. This is also a great way to begin teaching your toddler different colors. A simple color scavenger hunt allows them to interact with nature and find objects in a variety of hues. From red leaves to green blades of grass to yellow flowers and more, they’ll be excited to find the object and correctly state the color (after some practice, of course!)


Pick Pumpkins and Decorate

One of life’s best annual traditions is going to the pumpkin patch to select the family pumpkin(s). Throughout the country, rural communities with great pumpkin patches come alive with visitors from all over to help celebrate the season. Many pumpkin patches include full-on fall-themed kids’ activities such as drinking hot chocolate, corn mazes, and hayrides. Some of the larger ones even have petting zoos.


Then after the fun is over, purchase and take home your toddler’s favorite pumpkin and let the fun continue by having them decorate it using markers and paints. Or visit your local store to get some great pumpkin stencils.


S’Mores ‘Round the Campfire

Time to break out the campfire and introduce your toddler to the joyous and delicious world of s’mores! This ooey gooey ingenious snack is good any time of year, but there’s just something about a good fall campfire and roasting some marshmallows that really make the process magical. And tastier!