Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in Your RV

Thanksgiving is a time of year about family and coming together with a good meal. In Pearland, families visit from all over the country. It may seem unconventional, but Thanksgiving dinner in an RV is a special event that regular travelers and the adventurous should experience at least once. With a little planning, you can treat your family to a special holiday dinner in your RV home.

Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV | RV Cooking

Essential Elements of the Meal


When people think of traditional Thanksgiving meals, it is all centered around the turkey. While we could love to say you can have any turkey you want in your RV, we all know you will need to find a smaller turkey to fit in your RV oven. When you want to save the gas or don’t have an oven, you could bring pre-cooked options from the store, or you could grill separate pieces on the BBQ or over a fire.


Mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and anything else on your plate has to be there for most families at the Thanksgiving table. We recommend cooking these foods at home if you are traveling in your RV for Thanksgiving, or a few days ahead if you’re a full-timer so you can just heat them up when you need them. If not, you can always buy from the store or make simple sides right on the grill in your RV.


Pie is a staple of Thanksgiving and has plenty of ways to make an appearance at your table. From making pie at home to going traditional with a Dutch oven and coals, you can enjoy a delicious pie on Thanksgiving any way you want.

The Setting

The last element to Thanksgiving is the setting. You can eat at your RV table if it is big enough or getting outside like the original Thanksgiving is a unique and fun way to enjoy a great meal with loved ones!