How to Decorate your RV and Campsite for the Holidays

Are you looking for unique ways to spruce up your RV and/or campsite this holiday season? You’re not alone; so many RV decorations tend to be the same old stuff…or on the drab side with a lot of beige and grey.
Go beyond the cheesy flamingos, the standard string lights, the wreath on the front of your rig, and take your RV Christmas up a notch or two. We have some wonderful ideas to spice things up this holiday season.

You Don’t Have to Give Up the Tree

While there certainly isn’t room for a full-size Christmas tree in your RV, there are so many ways to incorporate this traditional symbol of Christmas into your space. Pencil trees are becoming popular – they are super skinny and can fit in tight corners, but are still tall enough to lend that full-size tree feel.
Or, you can make a “wall tree” out of sticks and branches you find in and around your campground, and fashion them into the shape of a tree. Add tiny ornaments and other accoutrements, with a star on top! You can do this right on a wall, or on a cloth canvas to hang on your wall.
Or you can go with a tiny tabletop tree. There are many varieties in the marketplace to fit all tastes. Tabletop trees are also inexpensive and easy to store.
For your camping space, if you have a tree in your campsite, and if the park will allow it, decorate the tree just the way you want it with lights and huge ornaments.

Window Treatments and Light Projectors are the Big Thing

Just like with tiny trees, you have many options for window clings to spice up your windows. Everything from fake frost to Christmas scenes to beloved Christmas characters (Rudolph can be living in your window!)
When the sun goes down, shine a huge light on your RV with a Christmas light projector. It’s an easy way to decorate your outdoor space by shining fun patterns and shapes right onto your RV. It gives a festive feel without the work of traditional decorating. Add a couple of strings of lights and you are set!

Go Extreme and Pick a Theme

The possibilities here are endless. Deck out your RV and campsite in a theme, such as choosing your favorite color palette (hint: it doesn’t have to be red, green, and white!) and gather decorations to fit that color scheme. Since your space is so small, your color palette can extend to curtains and bedspreads.
Do you like the movie “A Christmas Story”? There are lots of items you can buy that are based on this classic Christmas movie. Purchase a few and deck out your RV space for a movie-themed Christmas.
Another great idea is to wrap your cabinets and other storage spaces with wrapping paper. Again, the possibilities here are endless. Pick your favorite-themed wrapping paper and go to town! You can even top it with festive ribbons and bows to make them look like presents.

And at the End of the Season…

If storing all of these decorations in your RV is a problem after the season is over, here is a pro tip: consider donating your salvageable decorations to a thrift shop, and then thrifting for new items next year!

Happy Holidays from Pearland RV Park!