RV Lifestyle Trends

RV Lifestyle and Industry Trends

When you live the RV lifestyle you realize there’s a spectrum of RV owners when it comes to travel. On the one end, you’ve got people who just want to downsize and live in an RV and stay-put. Others are on the road most of the year seeing the world.

At Houston’s Pearland RV Park we see not only the two ends of that spectrum, but all the different shades in-between. You’ll often get to see a mix of new faces and the familiar.

Millennial’s RV Lifestyle

One of the much-maligned groups today is that of millennials. They’re destroying everything scream the headlines, but it turns out that isn’t quite so true. In fact, many are following in previous generations footsteps.

One recent report certainly fits what we’re seeing in our own lives. More and more millennials are purchasing RVs. Along with other big-ticket items, RVs fall into the consumer discretionary category, which is up 17%.

RV Lifestyle Trends

RV Trends

Winnebago reported an 18% increase in sales, which tracks along with the industry increase of 17.2%. The industry was looking a little run-down in the late 2000s, which marked a 30-year low in shipments. Analysts predict that this increase will continue.

One reason is that the long vacations seem to be a thing of the past for many. Rather, the new normal is timing days off to take long weekends of 3 to 4 days which is where an RV can shine. After all, they allow you to control not only your travel, but sleeping arrangements.

About Pearland RV Park

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