The Best RV Kitchen Gadgets

The Best RV Kitchen Gadgets

When you’re living in an RV and you love to cook, chances are you’ve looked far and wide for the perfect tools to help you make amazing meals in a small space. Having the perfect RV kitchen setup makes meal prep easy breezy. Luckily, we’ve found the best RV accessories to ensure your kitchen on the go works beautifully.

Stove Top Oven

A normal RV oven takes up a lot of space, so many RV owners choose not to have one. As a replacement, a lightweight and compact oven works as a stovetop and allows you to whip up all sorts of dishes with its default circular shape. Frittatas, cornbreads, breads, brownies, and more can all be made easily and deliciously. Get one with a muffin insert to make things like egg bites and homemade muffins.

InstaPot Multi-Cooker

It’s no exaggeration that this ingenious invention has changed many a cook’s life. The good ones can be used as a multi-purpose device: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, saute, and warmer. A gadget that does many things is the holy grail of RV kitchen gadgets! Get one with a clear glass lid so you can check on the progress of your meal. The newer models even have an air fryer lid!

Bullet Blender

One thing that many people have discovered is the joy of juicing. It’s a healthy way to get your fruits and veggies on the go. A popular brand is the Nutribullet, but there are several good brands out there. This sleek high-speed blender takes up hardly any space and has a powerful blade that will even chop ice and frozen fruit. The Vitamix brand is the gold standard of blenders if you want to splurge a bit, but the downside is that it’s bulkier.

Coffee Makers

If you’re like us, you absolutely need that shot of caffeine in the morning. Regular drip coffee makers take up a lot of space on an RV kitchen counter, so opt for a simple drip coffee mechanism, (it tastes better to boot). Grind your own coffee beans with a simple, small coffee grinder for the freshest cup o’ joe. For espresso drinkers, Nespresso-type coffee machines are lightweight and small. Not all espresso makers are created equal, so do your research and taste test if you can before you buy.

Portable Camp Stove

When you want to have more room and cook outside, having a portable camp stove and/or grill is essential, especially when the weather is nice. There are many sizes and shapes available in the marketplace that will perfectly suit your situation. Be sure to also get a propane adapter hose to connect the stove or grill from your gadget to your onboard tanks so you don’t have to keep buying those little green propane tanks.

Water Purifier

Most RV campgrounds (especially here at Pearland RV) have excellent drinking water, but if you find yourself out exploring the countryside or are camped in places where the water might be iffy, having a good water purifier is essential. Water filters remove harmful chemicals, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, fertilizers, and other contaminants from tap water – while keeping the good minerals in.

Handy RV Storage Items

Organization is everything when it comes to RV living. Making the most of every inch of space you have is easy with items such as OXO airtight containers for things like leftovers and dry goods that can last for ages. Pop-up sponges come dehydrated and small, perfect for storing in tight spaces until you need them. Just add water and scrub away! Collapsible bowls and colanders fit into each other for easy storage, and mason jars are a multi-purpose wonder for storing things like coffee/tea, salad dressing, and pickles. Plus, they are readily available and just look pretty!