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The Johnson Space Center

One of the great things about Pearland RV Park is the Houston area location. We’re located just far enough outside of that great city to be relaxing and to give you that getting away from it all feel, but near enough that you can take advantage of all the great things that Houston offers.


Other large cities offer all the great things like art, restaurants, theatres, and more, but how many cities feature parts of the actual space program that helped launch America to the moon? None. NASA’s Johnson Space Center is the home of the astronaut corps, the International Space Station mission operations, the Orion Program, and more.

The Johnson Space Center | Pearland RV Resort    Image by: NASA/James Blair

To the Moon

You can have amazing experiences at the visitor’s center at the Johnson Space Center! Sure, they offer tours and have important pieces of our space history, but there are some truly unique experiences you can have at the center. I want to point to one in particular, lunch with an astronaut.

That’s right, you and your family can have a catered lunch with a NASA astronaut. Its nothing super formal, just a nice casual lunch, but you can chat with the astronaut about whatever you’d like. You receive a personalized photograph and the ticket price also includes Space Center admission. You do need to purchase tickets in advance and it is strictly a first-come, first served deal. Don’t miss out!

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